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xmas 2006 Xmas 2006
NCT Xmas dinner NCT Xmas lunch Dec 2006
John does the Haka (best with sound)
AVI video 3.3MB (DIVX codec)
4 little pumpkins Halloween 06
John, Alex and Natasha Nov 06
John's first swim John's first swim
John Photos of John Sept/Oct 06
thunderbirds are go!
John does his Thunderbirds impression
AVI video 2.8MB (DIVX codec)
Gosport September 2006
Claire and John Photos of John Aug/Sep 2006
family photo Family photos by Andrew Fosker
jcb John makes his grand entrance (eventually)
40th card
Nic and Adrian's card

40th birthday dinner party
40th birthday
40th birthday at CentreParks
red kite
Red Kites, Aston Rowant, October 2005
Gosport, October 2005
Various pictures with new Dynax 7d
bekonscot model village
August Bank holiday
Bertie's birthday
pillow fight
Paul's birthday bash
shooting at bisley

Well done Dad for winning a few prizes and placing in the top 300 in the Queens.
marvin at cadwell
Cadwell 2005 - slides, mostly by Andy.
ixion prize giving
Cadwell 2005 - digital, mostly by Claire.
Andy at Cadwell Cadwell 2005 - vanity pics of Andy by Amanda Curtin and Jack Stringer (thanks!)